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We combine genetic, molecular, imaging and physiological approaches to study how experiences induce changes in neural network connectivity

Simon Pieraut

PV + Interneuron

PV + Interneuron

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What are the neural mechanisms of brain plasticity? 

How do physical changes in the mammalian brain manifest into new skills, memories and percepts?

By studying the cellular mechanisms of neural plasticity and identifying new genes regulating such processes, our lab tackles these challenging questions of modern neuroscience.

Recent News

May 2021

Very excited about our publication in the Journal of Neuroscience. We show that early life experience induces the plasticity of a specific type of interneuron in the hippocampus, the cholecystokinin-expressing cells, which in turn, leads to a change in cannabinoid-mediated inhibition in the circuit.

Feng et al., J neuro cover.jpg

Lab Geography

Located at the University of Nevada, Reno, our lab is near scenic lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevadas

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